Make Your Look Go the Extra Mile:  Supermodel Hair Tips

Since we launched, we’ve been getting bombarded with requests to walk people through how to style their model’s hair in order to look amazing for their design and their look.  There are many ways that you can go about doing this but we will cover a few of them below.

Go with an amazing curl:

Whether your model’s hair is long or short, you should be making sure that you give them an amazing curl if the design you have is simple and the look calls for it.  Curls can be small and playful, and bring an entirely new element to your model’s look as they walk down the runway.  You should make sure that you use a curling iron or a curling wand for starters.  If you are having trouble finding the right styling tools, you can find a great list of the best curling wand reviews online.  They are the curl advocates and with good reason.  A good curl will make your model look amazing with your look.

Go with a straight hairstyle:

Does your model have a longer leaner body, face and semi frizzy hair?  Break out a hair straightener and have them bring their look to life.  Having a flat haired straight look can be a great look for those of you that are into simple and straight designs with short cuts and lots of skin exposure to help focus more on the actual design of your product.

Don’t wash your model’s hair:

This seems contradictory, but shampooing hair every day to get rid of oils can present a big problem.  Natural oils are there in our hair to help protect hair and give it the life that it needs.  In fact, it’s often recommended that hair only get washed a few times per week.

Go with a Shockingly Short Hairstyle:

This is one of our favorites.  If your model is smaller, with a petite body and face, talk them into chopping off all their hair and going with a Pixie cut.  This will bring another element of “wow” factor in to your look and give it the extra pop that your competition won’t have.

Hopefully after reading up on our advice, you will find the right hairstyle for your model to help their look stand out and give you that additional push that you need to impress your peers and the people at your next runway show.  Below is a great video on how to get runway hair.

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