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The Perks of Getting into Fashion

If you are a fashion buff and love it just for what it is, you may be thrilled to know that pursuing a career in a fashion designing field has so many extra perks and added benefits than what just lies upon the surface. Feel free to explore a little further throughout the following insight and give yourself some more incentives to join the fashion world on a professional level.

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The Money

Although many do a job or have a career because they love what they are doing, there is a vast majority of the population that are only in their field of employment for the money, so let us check out the salary aspect of a fashion designer first. Going back only a couple of years now, it was reported by The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that the average annual income of fashion designers that worked under an employer had earned a bit over $64,000. This means that independently operating fashion designers have a greater potential to earn even more revenue per year.

Travel Time

Depending on your role and the company you are working for may determine how stationary you are from day-to-day. But quite frequently there will be national and international traveling to do as many cities around the globe are big fashion locations whether they are in Paris, London, New York, Milan or others. Fashion designers are regularly expected to hunt for new vendors, meet foreign clients and go to trade shows wherever they may happen to be. For those travel-lovers that are eager to see more of the planet, this career provides such a conveniently wonderful opportunity. Read More →