Are You Obsessed With Fashion?

While you were growing up did you find yourself peering endlessly over fashion magazines instead of reading your school books? Were you sketching out your own designer clothing and models on notepads instead of writing your homework while dreaming of a time when you could finally get your own workshop? If you did, you need not be too concerned, for you may just have a fashion obsession. Why is this not a cause for concern you may ask? The reason is because to be a successful fashion designer it’s an unwritten law and requirement to be sold out on all things fashion.

Fashion Show

Shaping Your Life To Become A Designer:

The good news is that there is no conventional form of accreditation or education that is necessary for you to become the best fashion designer the planet has ever seen. This is not to say that just anyone can take on the challenges required as there are many skills and techniques to master, with sewing, drawing, fashion development, a sharp awareness of the fashion industry itself and great determination being several among them.

For those that are motivated to get serious, the first tip is to start establishing a foundation of expertise. It will be of vital importance to develop your eye for textures, colors, the cutting of materials and the means of sewing them together just right. You will also need to eat, sleep and breathe the dedication it will demand to become a professional and therefore you should be ready to invest countless hours of each day toward your goal.

Master Your Sewing – If you are still unable to sew anything and everything in your sleep, you simply aren’t ready yet. Holding a firm grasp of sewing instincts is a must as you will certainly be facing the most challenging of scenarios throughout your career. It is true that some will appear to be born with sewing skills while others find that it’s as difficult as fitting a square peg into a round hole. This is where some of your determination will come into play as you press forward to master this ability. Do not give up and keep going for as long as it will take you, for it will be worth it.

Fabric Arsenal – Learn and understand how fabrics move, respond while being worn, how they breathe, what they are worth, where to get them at the source and all the rest.

Take Mental Notes from Others – To become the best you must learn from the ones that paved the way before you. Learn the backgrounds of the top designers, where they were educated, what their signature designs are and how to incorporate their ideas into your own. As well, learn how to research media trends and learn how to shop around as well as visit the most suitable trade shows.

Better Yourself Through Education – If you feel led to acquire degrees and diplomas in fashion instruction then do not be hindered. If you want to shy away from the school atmosphere then you may consider going into an apprenticeship.

Select a Fashion Field – You may learn so much and begin to feel as though you are chasing your tail a little bit. This is why it’s good to set a standard fashion field that you would like to pursue specifically. If it doesn’t work out you can also select another one later on down the road.

Decide if You are Ready – Knowing how to create your own fashions is one thing but learning how to build portfolios, market them, start building up your own company and gain clients is another. Learn good people skills and all the other tricks of the trade before you jump in head first.

There are of course many more things to learn but these should give you a general idea. Don’t forget, to be successful in this career, if you are fashion obsessed then you are certainly blessed.

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