The Best Fashion Schools Around The World

Although one does not necessarily require post-secondary education to become a well-known and successful fashion designer, individuals that are desirous of bettering themselves in this field should always be motivated to do so. The fashion designing business has become notorious for its cut-throat opposition and you can literally be “in fashion” one day yet be put right out the next. This is why we have provided our readers with a short list featuring some of the best fashion schools internationally including a brief summary for each. Central Saint Martins in London, England This institute is a part of (UAL) the University Arts London and features programs in jewelry and textile design as well as fashion and currently has roughly 1,200 students studying to obtain fashion degrees. Central Saint Martins is accessible to students possessing talents from every social domain, provides its scholars with a top-notch teaching staff and is partially government funded.

For the 2014-15 school years, the undergraduate fees are $15,000 US per year for UK and European students whereas the international students will pay a fee of $25,000 US annually. Some of the most distinguished graduates from this school are Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith. Read More →

Are You Obsessed With Fashion?

While you were growing up did you find yourself peering endlessly over fashion magazines instead of reading your school books? Were you sketching out your own designer clothing and models on notepads instead of writing your homework while dreaming of a time when you could finally get your own workshop? If you did, you need not be too concerned, for you may just have a fashion obsession. Why is this not a cause for concern you may ask? The reason is because to be a successful fashion designer it’s an unwritten law and requirement to be sold out on all things fashion.

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Shaping Your Life To Become A Designer:

The good news is that there is no conventional form of accreditation or education that is necessary for you to become the best fashion designer the planet has ever seen. This is not to say that just anyone can take on the challenges required as there are many skills and techniques to master, with sewing, drawing, fashion development, a sharp awareness of the fashion industry itself and great determination being several among them.

For those that are motivated to get serious, the first tip is to start establishing a foundation of expertise. It will be of vital importance to develop your eye for textures, colors, the cutting of materials and the means of sewing them together just right. You will also need to eat, sleep and breathe the dedication it will demand to become a professional and therefore you should be ready to invest countless hours of each day toward your goal.

Master Your Sewing – If you are still unable to sew anything and everything in your sleep, you simply aren’t ready yet. Holding a firm grasp of sewing instincts is a must as you will certainly be facing the most challenging of scenarios throughout your career. It is true that some will appear to be born with sewing skills while others find that it’s as difficult as fitting a square peg into a round hole. This is where some of your determination will come into play as you press forward to master this ability. Do not give up and keep going for as long as it will take you, for it will be worth it. Read More →

The Perks of Getting into Fashion

If you are a fashion buff and love it just for what it is, you may be thrilled to know that pursuing a career in a fashion designing field has so many extra perks and added benefits than what just lies upon the surface. Feel free to explore a little further throughout the following insight and give yourself some more incentives to join the fashion world on a professional level.

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The Money

Although many do a job or have a career because they love what they are doing, there is a vast majority of the population that are only in their field of employment for the money, so let us check out the salary aspect of a fashion designer first. Going back only a couple of years now, it was reported by The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that the average annual income of fashion designers that worked under an employer had earned a bit over $64,000. This means that independently operating fashion designers have a greater potential to earn even more revenue per year.

Travel Time

Depending on your role and the company you are working for may determine how stationary you are from day-to-day. But quite frequently there will be national and international traveling to do as many cities around the globe are big fashion locations whether they are in Paris, London, New York, Milan or others. Fashion designers are regularly expected to hunt for new vendors, meet foreign clients and go to trade shows wherever they may happen to be. For those travel-lovers that are eager to see more of the planet, this career provides such a conveniently wonderful opportunity. Read More →

Getting the Right Look for Auditions as a Male Model

Getting the right look as a male model can be a tricky thing.  A lot of times, the look you are trying to accomplish will be dictated to you by your fashion designer depending on the type of fashion show you are going to.  But that doesn’t mean you should give up on making sure you have the right style from the get go.  You should always make sure that you are styled correctly and look presentable when running to your go-to’s to audition for any type of runway or print model showing.  You should always strive to look your best and make sure you have “that look” that the casting director is looking for.  So what can you do make sure that you look the part?

Make sure your hair is styled appropriately:

Make sure that you have a haircut that’s currently in style and keeping up with the trends.  There are some generic men’s  haircuts that will never go out of style that mostly look “standard.”  Those are generally fine to wear as long as your hair is well kept and looks clean.  The last thing you want to do is show up with a hairstyle that’s not current that also looks dirty.  You should also make sure that you don’t show up to the audition with a style of hair from 5 years ago.  Showing up with a hairstyle from 50 years ago might be considered vintage like the Beatles hair in the 60’s.  However showing up with a hairstyle from just 5 years ago will make you look like you are out of touch with the current trends and that’s the last thing you want to project as a fashion model.

Make sure you get the right shave:

You need to make sure that you have the right shave and that can be accomplished a lot of ways.  Just like with hair, you want to make sure that you have the right look.  I’d refrain from walking in to your audition with a handlebar mustache or a full on beard unless you are auditioning for a menswear catalogue that specializes in cold weather clothing.   A clean shaven look is usually most common and you can generally accomplish that by using the best straight razors on the market to help get you that extremely close shave.  Straight razors tend to not only give you a closer shave, but also make it last longer as it shaves the facial hair that’s closest to the skin.  Finding the right razor is important.  A lot of people will stick to razors that are a little easier to use like the safety razors featured here.

Most importantly, always have style:

The most important thing that you can do is make sure that you have style!  Getting the right look and making sure you appear clean is a good thing, but make sure you are up to date on the latest fashion trends in order to impress whoever you are going to be auditioning with.  It’s the single most important thing that you can do to come away looking great. Check out the great video below for some more tips.

Make Your Look Go the Extra Mile:  Supermodel Hair Tips

Since we launched, we’ve been getting bombarded with requests to walk people through how to style their model’s hair in order to look amazing for their design and their look.  There are many ways that you can go about doing this but we will cover a few of them below.

Go with an amazing curl:

Whether your model’s hair is long or short, you should be making sure that you give them an amazing curl if the design you have is simple and the look calls for it.  Curls can be small and playful, and bring an entirely new element to your model’s look as they walk down the runway.  You should make sure that you use a curling iron or a curling wand for starters.  If you are having trouble finding the right styling tools, you can find a great list of the best curling wand reviews online.  They are the curl advocates and with good reason.  A good curl will make your model look amazing with your look.

Go with a straight hairstyle:

Does your model have a longer leaner body, face and semi frizzy hair?  Break out a hair straightener and have them bring their look to life.  Having a flat haired straight look can be a great look for those of you that are into simple and straight designs with short cuts and lots of skin exposure to help focus more on the actual design of your product.

Don’t wash your model’s hair:

This seems contradictory, but shampooing hair every day to get rid of oils can present a big problem.  Natural oils are there in our hair to help protect hair and give it the life that it needs.  In fact, it’s often recommended that hair only get washed a few times per week. Read More →